The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things


The Internet of Things, or more commonly called IoT, can be described as the rapidly growing of rising infrastructure of internet-enabled devices. These devices include self-reliant vacuums to light bulbs, all positioned to provide control, increase the level of automation and perform data collection activities for us. It is no wonder talks about IOT have proliferated in the more recent years, in fact opportunities to incorporate IoT in the homes and workplaces are currently being explored worldwide and various individuals and companies have gone as far as to fully implement these infrastructures completely revolutionizing their space. The Internet of Things is poised to irrevocably disrupt the way we live and work. With peaked interest in this particular area, our article sets out to share how IoT will improve our daily existence, in both our homes and businesses.

How do Internet of Things work?

IoT require configuration, implementation and periodical maintenance through their lifecycle for us to really capitalize on the capabilities. Once fully operationalized, these devices perform their tasks with little to no human interaction, through their connection to the internet and/or other local devices. The Benefits of IoT devices in the Homes and Businesses are further discussed below.

Energy Management

  • We can optimize our climate control with smart thermostat. With the ability to dynamically regulate temperature automatically, we can reduce the excessive use of energy in adjusting the AC manually. Further, we can control the temperature using voice operation or a smart assistant for instance Alexa or Siri.
  • Smart Light Bulbs can be used in a few different ways to improve the home and business space. Not only do these save on energy consumption even more than motion sensor lighting. These smart light bulbs can be programmed to adjust brightness and color balance throughout the day which can help in minimizing eye strain, stress and discomfort.
  • Often, we forget to ensure that we have switched off that light or turn off an AC unit. With the aid of IoT devices, we are empowered to not let these human shortfalls negatively impact our goal in conserving energy. We can monitor the energy usage at our homes and businesses remotely and from where-ever we are, switch the appliances in use by way of smart outlets and other relevant devices.


Maintenance Management

  • In our homes and businesses, IoT devices can support the maintenance and monitoring of our appliances. For instance, the use of internet-connected printers is already popular. IoT devices can prompt us ahead of the normal computer “notification” when we are low on ink, toner or paper.
  • Likewise, these devices can make us aware of any problem with our appliance in real time, rather than us discovering the problems at the point of when we use them. This is done through sensor technologies that provide notifications for immediate fixes ahead of time.


Asset and Security Management

  • IoT devices are very valuable in the management of companies’ assets and personal assets. Using IoT tags for tracking purposes ensure that we are always aware of the location of the devices should we need the information at any given time. This becomes pertinent as a preventative measure against theft or loss. Instead of matter of days or weeks in locating our gadgets, we can now do this real time.
  • One major use of IoT devices is activity-tracking within your offices and homes in regards to Security Management. Using different inter-connected IoT devices we are able to monitor activity in different rooms, hallways or anywhere on the general floor. For businesses mostly, this can generate a heat map for the office space, which provides data on areas of high usage or optimized the use of those spaces that almost always empty. Space management is becoming a critical point of consideration for companies globally. On another level, activity-tracking IoT devices aid in monitoring movements, but not necessarily in an intrusive manner like a camera but can add value in preventing situations such as break ins. Coupled with Smart-Locks and small recording robots, we can now ensure that our homes and businesses are well-secured against intruders.


Doubtlessly, there is a plethora of devices categorized as “Internet of Things”, some fancy and intricate in functionalities and design, and others that are more simplistic, all serving different purposes in the designated space for implementation. Consequently, it is on the part of the home-owners and companies to decide what needs they desire the IoT devices to meet and ensure the right devices are utilized. In our excitement to exploit the advantages of IoT devices, we can easily overwhelm the process by adding to many devices at once. Prioritize current problems requiring immediate fixes, look for opportunities to create efficiencies and start small. This will save time, money and insurmountable load of pressure in making these decisions. Fortunately, Innovate 10X offers expert advice in the area of IoT devices for both the home and business, and is the sole distributors of RSH Internet of Things technologies in the region. Reach out to us and we can have your traditional space completely automated within a reasonable time.

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