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Lisandra Rickards


As Chairwoman of Innovate 10x, Lisandra will help to charter the course of 10x as it helps businesses with digital products to gain entry into the market. Lisandra received her MBA with Honors from Harvard Business School and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago, graduating from Phi Beta Kappa and Student Marshal.

Sheldon Powe


Sheldon, a serial entrepreneur with many successful businesses to his credit and the CEO and Director of Markets and Commercialisation at Innovate 10X. As the former Group Chief Information Officer of Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB), Sheldon has over two decades in his position as Head of the Technology Unit. 

Andrew B. Cocking

A stalwart in the financial sector boasting almost three decades of experience, Andrew Cocking is currently an independent financial consultant. His financial journey includes senior management positions at the former Capital & Credit Financial Group (CCFG), Which he co-founded with other shareholders.

Stacey Hines

Stacey Hines is the Group Strategic Planner for all companies within ICD Group and serves as advisor to various boards on select strategic initiatives. Stacey has worked across North America in several industries with a focus on business operations, systems development and implementing strategic initiatives geared towards change. Stacey is responsible for managing the Strategic Planning Office and provides support to the senior management teams of the subsidiaries on the systems, structure and culture of the organisation and their alignment with the organisations strategic plan and values.

Claudine Tracey

Claudine is currently the Group Chief Strategy Officer at the JMMB Group. She has a well-decorated career in strategy management, business analytics, risk management project management and product development over her years of experience at the senior management level in the private and public sector. She has a strong track-record of delivering results and providing innovative solutions to companies’ challenges while contributing significantly to revenue generation and/or cost reduction through the redesign of business processes and analytics.


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