We love to capture our moments.

Here at Innovate 10x, we truly value building strong and long-lasting relationships both within our team, and also with our clients.

As such, we regularly host events that allow for both the fostering of business relationships and friendships.

Management in a Digital World Workshop

Games Night 2019

All work, no play? Not here at 10X. 

Occasionally, our team comes together to ease off the week’s stress and enjoy each other’s company on a Friday night.


Plug and Share

Plug and Share is an event held every three months here at Innovate 10x. 

This is where developers are invited to come and share both their products and ideas, in hopes of collaborating with us in the future to help launch their finished projects commercially.

This was our first, and definitely not our last Pitch event. We look forward to seeing more great ideas from our local innovators and developers.


Christmas Lyme 2018

This is a yearly event where we invite team members, friends and clients to let loose and partake in the season’s festivities together.



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