AMS – ACTIVITY Management System

Activity Management Solution (AMS) is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that digitizes both internal and client-facing business processes, using an activity-oriented approach. AMS allows you to track and manage business operations in real time from inception to fulfillment for assets, services, customers, products, and more. With both a web application and a mobile app for android and iOS devices, AMS allows teams to work flexibly and efficiently.

Key Business Values

Streamlined Order Processing

AMS helps streamline the entire order processing workflow, from order placement to fulfillment. It enables efficient order entry, tracking, and management. 

Order Tracking and Visibility

With an AMS, businesses can easily track orders at every stage of the fulfillment process. It provides real-time updates on order status, inventory availability, and shipping details. This visibility enables better customer service by allowing accurate order status updates and proactively addressing any potential issues or delays.

Centralized Data and Reporting

AMS centralizes order-related data, including customer information, order history, and sales data. This consolidated data provides valuable insights for business analysis, such as identifying customer trends, monitoring sales performance, and making informed decisions. AMS-generated reports and analytics help optimize inventory planning, pricing strategies, and marketing campaigns.

Integration and Scalability

AMS can integrate with other critical business systems such as Accounting and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, and logistics providers. This integration facilitates seamless data flow, reduces manual data entry, and improves overall operational efficiency. Additionally, an AMS is scalable, accommodating the growing needs of businesses, supporting increased order volumes, and adapting to changing market demands.

Increased Operational Efficiency

AMS automates various manual tasks and eliminates paper-based processes, reducing the chances of errors, delays, and inefficiencies. It minimizes order processing time and enhances operational efficiency. By automating routine tasks, employees can focus on higher-value activities, such as customer service and strategic decision-making.

Customer Value

Order Accuracy

AMS captures and stores customer order details accurately, reducing the risk of incorrect product selection, quantity, or pricing. This leads to fewer order discrepancies, improved order fulfillment accuracy, and ultimately enhances the customer's overall experience.

Timely Order Fulfillment

An AMS helps expedite the order fulfillment process by automating various tasks and streamlining workflows. This enables faster order processing and reduces the time between order placement and shipment. Customers benefit from timely order fulfillment, resulting in shorter delivery times and improved satisfaction.

Customer Service and Support

AMS contributes to improved customer service and support. Customer service representatives can access order details, and order history through the AMS, allowing them to assist customers more effectively. Quick access to order information enables timely and accurate responses to customer inquiries and concerns, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Key Features

What they say about us


In recent times, we have been looking to digitize our business by going paperless and OMS has solved this issue for us. Instead of having technicians carrying paper and pen, they can check out everything from a mobile phone and have the customer digitally sign for the work completed. This is made is easier to facilitate business analytics and make crucial decisions that impact the business thus far. The pilot has been successfully thus far, and we look to continue using the system.

Operations Supervisor - Tropical Pool Jamaica Richard Small

We have been using and piloting AMS for a year and half. Before, we use an excel sheet to manage our operations. AMS has greatly impacted our business operations as we have use it to do our day to day operations (accounting and generating invoices for customers, tracking and scheduling assets, performing services orders on the go and tracking the status of orders). The team has been very responsive in listening and implementing features we have requested.

CEO and Founder - Something Cool Limited Marlon Wallace

Optimum Trading Limited Andrew Montaque – Warehouse Manager Optimum Trading Ltd has been testing and using the product over the past 2 years. Over the pass 4 or 5 months, the platform has really matured and customized to our business operations. The platform which has a web and mobile has enable our operation (warehouse and distribution) to effectively import orders and assign them to the drivers. The mobile has enabled the drivers to see all the orders they have to deliver within a specific time, interface with google maps to locate customers and enables the customer to digital sign off.

Warehouse Manager - Optimum Trading Limited Andrew Montaque

Our Packages

Basic Package

  • Dashboard
  • Users - Up to 10
  • Roles
  • Orders - Up to 150/month
  • Customers
  • Order Templates
  • Inventory
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Customer Portal
  • Review Check-off
  • Reports
  • Audit Log
  • Mobile App (Android and IOS)
  • After sales support - Up to 3hrs per month