Powering Tomorrow's Technological Advancements

We are your partners in transforming innovative ideas into tangible, market-ready solutions. We specialize in nurturing creativity, driving cutting-edge research, and delivering strategic consulting services to help businesses thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Innovation Consulting, Research & Development

Working alongside your senior leaders and management teams, we explore innovation opportunities that exist and their potential impact on your company. We provide you with a clear strategy and roadmap on how to navigate to your own set of “innovation goals”. We can also strengthen your existing strategic plans through a comprehensive review of their feasibility.

At 10x we help businesses to navigate the digital landscape and to identify, create and deploy integrated, end-to-end digital solutions. Innovation 10x helps you to solve complex business challenges through our implementation consultants who are certified, agile project management professionals with years of experience managing the implementation of digital technology projects.

All of our implementation services are complemented by rigorous quality management, program and change management support.

By introducing your projects to world-class project and change management services, practices and principles, you have just made the first of many decisions to succeed.

What We Do

Management Consulting & Business Analysis
Our team will maximize your operational efficiency through thorough process and operations analysis. We will support your organization's journey to increased performance and provide industry expertise to eliminate inefficiencies in your operations. We can identify key areas for digital transformation and perform detailed requirements engineering and process re-engineering to begin the realization of your transformation goals.
Strategy Consulting
We will help you to develop strategies that ensure your company's long term growth and success. With our breadth of knowledge on trends and solutions in the digital space, we can support your strategic positioning and direction with a focus on opportunities for digital transformation and optimization.
Vendor Selection & Implementation Support
We will help you to realize your strategic IT objectives by augmenting your team to manage an end-to-end vendor search and selection process. Through requirements analysis and vendor/ solution evaluation, we will recommend a solution that meets your requirements from a vendor that understands your needs. Our team can see projects through to implementation by providing dedicated project and risk management services. With an intimate knowledge of your operational space and functional preferences, we can bridge the gap between client and vendor to support the implementation of your chosen digital solutions.
Innovation Research & Business Case Development
We will undertake extensive research across markets and industries to provide you with key insights on the newest innovations fit for your company. Our team will develop robust business cases to provide you with a clear picture of how you can secure your ROI and maximize your bottom line with the adoption of ground breaking technologies. Our business cases will provide the confidence you need to undertake that next project by delivering objective rationales that are contextual to your business and industry vertical.